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AirToken (AIR) 코인의 현재시세는 ₩1.157 이며, 거래되고 있는 시가총액은 ₩1,223,331,751.40입니다. 시세는 전날 기준으로 -10.86% 다운 의 변화가 있었습니다.

  • airtoken
    AirToken (AIR)
  • 실시간
  • 24h 기준
  • 시가총액
  • 볼륨
  • 유통량
    1,056,998,346 AIR
  • 순위

구매 Airtoken 판매 Airtoken


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The AirToken is a new Ethereum ERC20 token that unlocks free mobile internet through advertising and spot rewards. Users can earn AirTokens by opting into advertisements and claiming spots, redeemable for mobile data recharges across 500 wireless carriers.

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Airfox's vision for @AirToken is to power a more inclusive financial system providing more opportunities for all, starting with Brazil.

Read more:

Our vision for AirToken's role in the @_Airfox platform is available in our updated white paper.

Also released today! Check it out at

#crypto #fintech #blockchain #cryptocurrency #mobile


As part of the developments today, we're sharing our vision of the future for our financial services platform and @AirToken.

Potentially the best part of winning the @CODE_n competition was investing some of the winning in @JARiodeJaneiro financial education classes yesterday at a public high school in the outskirts of #RiodeJaneiro.

Today our CEO @DSantos_Victor presented to the #Innovadores35LatAm conference with his vision for @AirfoxApp and how we use cell phone data to calculate credit risk in a new way. #innovation #entrepreneurs

The financial education class at CE Jorge Zarur School with @jabrasil in Rio is happening now! Check out the students learning how to make their money last longer AND how to invest it properly. 🤑😉💰

@AirfoxApp #JuniorAchievement #financialeducation #financialinclusion

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