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Smartlands (SLT) 코인의 현재시세는 ₩6,506.30 이며, 거래되고 있는 시가총액은 ₩33,269,046,867.18입니다. 시세는 전날 기준으로 6.33% 업 의 변화가 있었습니다.

  • smartlands
    Smartlands (SLT)
  • 실시간
  • 24h 기준
  • 시가총액
  • 볼륨
  • 유통량
    5,100,896 SLT
  • 순위

구매 Smartlands 판매 Smartlands


코인에 대한 정보

SmartLands is the platform for tokenization of agricultural assets and boosting development for all kinds and size of farms worldwide.

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Today @Smartlands Platform announces the conclusion of the community vote on the pipeline of projects presented to the SLT holders on October 31. Check it out!
@StellarOrg #Stellar #SecurityToken #AssetTokenization #Blockchain #Fintech

The top experience of the Day 3 at the #SingaporeFintechFestival would be the Christine Lagarde show. Read on, we put it to you short and sweet!
@Smartlands @StellarOrg #Blockchain #Fintech #Singapore

The next Stellar Meetup is in London on Dec 7. Stop by the @Level39CW! The registration is open!
#London #Fintech #Blockchain #SecurityToken #STO

The #SingaporeFinTechFestival is #fintech at its very extreme; the intense atmosphere of one continuous deal-in-the-making is only matched by one’s desire to succeed at all costs. Amazing event! Take a look, this is how our Day 2 looked like.
#Blockchain #Stellar #Tokenization

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